Commercial Project Examples

Green Certified Product Saves the Day: The Fenelon Group Surprises VIP

The Challenge
IPG Phototonics got word that a VIP would be visiting their World Headquarters in 13 days. The VIP was especially interested in touring their clean room. Ops! The joints in their clean room epoxy floors were cracking and well, the walls and doors had seen better days. IPG had only 13 days to put a sparkle back into their clean room.

The Solution
Transform the clean room floor into a showpiece for the unexpected visit of a VIP while minimizing the disruption to the clean room and surrounding operations.

The answer was Stampede, a polyurethane sealant that is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality certified. This fast drying, self leveling sealant is specifically designed for high traffic areas. The Fenelon Painting Group is committed to providing quality GREEN products where appropriate and in the clean room Stampede was the perfect combination of environmental safety and usability.

After grinding down the original surface the new Stampede sealant was applied. Walls and doors were painted to bring them back to new. The clean room was ready for inspection.

The Results
IPG now had a beautiful, environmentally safe, durable clean room floor in time for the unexpected VIP visit. Another example of the Fenelon Painting Group’s experience, flexibility and customer focus.

Commercial Warehouse

Too Much Dust in High End Apparel Warehouse Threatens Opening: The Fenelon Painting Group Provides Fast, Green Solution.

The Challenge
While painting both the exterior and interior of the new Macy’s warehouse in Dedham, our client realized that the floor of the warehouse was retaining dust beyond what was normal. The racking contractor was arriving within days and inventory were scheduled to arrive within the week. The problem to be solved was how to reduce the dust to protect their inventory and still be ready to open in a matter of days.

The Solution
Once again the Fenelon Painting Group’s product knowledge and manufacturer relationships allowed them to find the right flooring product quickly. Fenelon Painting Group presented specifications on a “green” water based concrete sealer that won fast approval from the client. The sealer was environmentally friendly and fast drying which would allow for traffic within 12 hours — key to completing the rack installation and the interior painting in time for the scheduled opening.

The Result
Upon client approval of the sealant, Fenelon Painting Group had a mechanical scrubbing machine on the site the next day and ran two consecutive shifts to prepare the floor for application. Two coats of the sealant were applied to the entire 40,000 sq ft warehouse with time to spare for adequate drying — just in time for the racking contractor to arrive and install the racking system. The racks went up, the inventory arrived and the Macy’s warehouse opened on schedule — saving the company thousands of dollars a delay would have cost.

Knowledge, Manufacturer Relationships and Dedication Deliver Solution: Fenelon Painting Group Solves Construction Problem for Retailer

The Challenge
An out of state supplier delivered unfinished fiber glass architectural panels to our client, Cranshaw Construction. The failure to deliver finished product was about to derail the opening of the DeSenza Diamonds store in Hingham. Our client needed a solution fast, but one that didn’t sacrifice finish quality. They also needed a solution that would give them a long term warranty — a benefit of the original panels that was not longer valid.

The Solution
Because of our experience with coatings and our strong relationships with manufacturers, the Fenelon Painting Group was able to quickly evaluate several coatings options and present our client, Cranshaw Construction with multiple systems to choose from — all of which would deliver quality and an extended warranty. Based on the initial evaluation, we all agreed that the product from Tnemec would work. Our relationship as an Authorized Applicator for Tnemec meant we got a Tnemec representative to the site within 24 hours to do an assessment and work with us to finalize a solution.

The coating system from Tnemec was superior to the other options and thus was selected. This unique system offered our client Cranshaw Construction and the DeSenza architect, the long term warranty they needed and the high quality they demanded. The Fenelon Painting Group fast tracked delivery of the coating system to allow us to work through the weekend to insure the opening of DeSenza™s was not delayed.

One more example of how experience makes the difference!

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