Graffiti Removal

The Ugly Face of Graffiti

Art or vandalism? Beautiful or ugly? Regardless of how you describe graffiti, you want it gone. Think of how it affects your business negatively ?
Removing graffiti quickly can be the best deterrent from vandals repeating the process.

Removing graffiti is NOT a do-it-yourself job. You need a professional with experience to remove that malicious eyesore. Call Fenelon Painting. Our experts know:

  • Different surfaces require different removal methods and we know which method to use for your unique surface.
  • Pressure washers look easy to use but watch out! Improper use can damage the exterior and require costly repair.
  • How to protect your buildings, fences, and windows from Graffiti

In addition to Graffiti Removal, we offer:

Graffiti Protective Coatings

Made from wax polymers, this amazing anti–graffiti coating is virtually invisible. The coating flexes with ambient temperature, is durable and UV stable. It can be applied to almost any exterior surface and will protect against graffiti, grime, pollution and sea spray up to 10 years.
Ecological Coatings Anti-Graffiti Coating and Anti-Graffiti Paint are water-based, green, low voc products, formulated for effective graffiti protection and exhibit high cross-linked densities, non-stick properties and excellent chemical resistance. Graffiti spray paint, permanent marker and pen sit on the surface of the coating but do not penetrate. Graffiti removal is simple using our Water-based, Non-toxic Graffiti Remover. Our coatings are permanent, so once graffiti spray paint or permanent marker is removed from the surface the coating remains, ready to protect against the next graffiti attack. Ecological Coatings offers a wide variety of graffiti prevention products and customer support to assist you with proven technology and techniques to help prevent graffiti attacks in the future.

Glass tagging protection

Vandalism can be a huge financial drain. Repeatedly replacing glass that has been scratched up or marred can be costly, time consuming and disruptive. Graffiti-Free is Madico’s window coating for designed specifically for glass. When vandals strike, damage won’t be permanent. The window stays put. Just the film is replaced, at a fraction of the cost.

For fast, safe, thorough graffiti removal at your property call Fenelon Painting.

One phone call to Fenelon Painting and that ugly eyesore is gone!

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