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Fenelon Painting Group Rescues 255 Year Old Colonial

“We never thought we could get the outside of this historical house to look as nice as the inside. But the Fenelon Painting team worked exceptionally hard to scrape off the ugly exterior color and replace it with a historically accurate color that transformed the house”

The Challenge
Built in 1753 in Shrewsbury, MA, the Knot House had been owned and occupied by descendants of the original family until Andy bought it in 1998. He felt an obligation to bring the historical house back to life! The house was painted black — a horrible color —  sighed the new owner. Due to the age of the house and because it had never really been scraped or prepared properly, new paint would not adhere to the surface. This was going to be no ordinary paint job!

The Solution
The Fenelon Painting Group came highly recommended so Andy turned to them for help.
After a serious assessment and testing, it was clear that the entire house would need to scraped, sanded and shingles replaced in order to get to the original bare shingles and insure that paint would adhere.

100 hours of scraping and sanding later, the Fenelon Painting Group team had the house ready for painting. This was still no ordinary house. Its historical value was obvious so The Fenelon Painting Group collaborated with Andy to select the right historical color. They choose a red from the George Washington Mt. Vernon Estate of Colors collection manufactured by Fine Paints of Europe™. Fenelon choose the Dutch company, Fine Paints of Europe of Holland because their paints are formulated with expensive resins which are carefully combined with high concentrations of finely ground pigments, to give exceptional color and durability.

The Result
The result of extensive labor and careful paint selection is a lovely historical house restored to its original beauty. The house boasts two additions that were originally a harness/tack shop in the center of town dragged down with oxen and rollers to become the kitchen and dinning room. The Knot House has been restored and is the beloved home of Andy and his family, thanks to the experience, dedication and product knowledge of the Fenelon Painting Group.

Houses need to breathe

Houses Need to Breathe Too: The Fenelon Painting Group Solves Annual Riddle

The Challenge
It was spring in Harvard, MA. Flowers were blooming, lawn mowers were going and the paint was peeling on the home of Steve & Daphne Cassin. !Just like the blooming daffodils, the peeling paint was an annual event that sent Steve climbing a ladder to scrape and once again paint his home. Steve and Daphne consulted several painting contractors but to no avail — not one of them could offer a solution. Until, Steve’s neighbor recommended the Fenelon Painting Group.

The Solution
Before a solution could be found, the first step was to determine the underlying problem to the annual peeling paint. Years of experience has taught the Fenelon Painting Group that the likely cause was moisture in the shingles. So, FPG conducted a moisture test which confirmed their suspicions. Moisture was forcing its way through the shingles and lifting the paint.

The Fenelon Painting Group immediately installed a venting system which allowed the natural escape of moisture. The system was allowed to work for a month until the moisture tests readings were less than 14% – a safe moisture level.

Now dry, the home was painted with two coats of 100% acrylic latex paint. Why acrylic latex?

The Results
Steve put away his ladder and he and Daphne could now look forward to spring. Their home could breathe, the moisture problem was gone and their home looked beautiful. Annual spring house painting was no longer required.

The Wedding Must Go On: The Fenelon Painting Group Saves the Day!

The Challenge
Friendly Crossways is the second longest continually operating hostel in the US. Just 30 miles northwest of Boston, this beautiful International Youth Hostel boasts a century old barn and farmhouse that accommodates up to 70 guests. Since 1947, this unique New England retreat center has been a special place for spiritual retreats, nonprofit conferences, music seminars, peace and justice organizers and healing workshops and of course weddings. And that was the challenge, in one week, paint the entire back of the building for a last minute wedding.

In one weeks time, many square feet of the Hostel had to be scraped and painted AND rain was forecast for mid week. Keith and Mary Helan, owners of the Hostel turned to the Fenelon Painting Group of course for help.

The Solution
The Fenelon Painting Group responded quickly to call from Keith and Mary Helan and within 24 hours they were on the scene assessing and estimating the project.

A team of painters was assembled and extensive prep work begun to prepare the 100 year old building for painting. They needed to prep quickly in order to paint around predicted rain that week. The Fenelon pros built scaffolding, scraped, prepped and painted around the clock to meet the deadline.

The Results
On Saturday, under sunny skies, the wedding took place. The Friendly Crossways Hostel looked as pretty as the bride! It took real painting professionals who can work effectively as a team, meet deadlines and deliver high quality to get the job done — and done right!

Up for a Challenge

Fenelon Painting Group looks at each new job as a chance to learn, excel and deliver results. Call us to discuss your challenging situation!

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